HABIT 3: Put First Things First

Habit Three - Put First Things First

People who put first things first focus on the important, not just the urgent, act on priorities, plan weekly and act daily.  You are putting first things first when you organize your time around the most important things and eliminate the unimportant.

Kid Language

Work First, Then Play:  I spend my time on things that are most important.  This means I say no to things I know I should not do.  I set priorities, make a schedule, and follow my plan.  I am disciplined and organized.

Ways to practice Put First Things First:

  • Talk with your family about your most important jobs or responsibilities, such as doing homework, making the bed, or taking out the garbage.
  • Do your chores before being asked.
  • Do the hardest part of your homework first.
  • Think of something you’ve been putting off for a long time, like cleaning up your room or pumping up the flat tire on your bike.  Go do it right now!
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