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Jerabek Classroom Food Policy

Each year we have more and more students with severe food allergies. As a school we work with staff, parents and physicians to come up with an individual health plan for each student with allergies. The teachers are diligent about following this plan and most students understand their allergies and are careful about what they eat. Even with these precautions students sometimes are exposed to allergens. There are some children within our school who could have a serious allergic reaction from contact with even a microscopic amount of the offending foods.The purpose of our food policy is to make our school safer for our students with allergies and comply with the state Ed Code for nutritional requirements.

  • All classroom food events adhere to the following rules:
  • All food served must follow Ed Code nutrition requirements by either being from the cafeteria or on the list of approved foods.
  •  All food must be pre-packaged, labeled with ingredients
  • All fresh fruit and vegetables must be washed/cut/prepared in a commercial kitchen except fresh fruit with an inedible peel which is served whole.
  • Prepackaged food labels must be provided to the teacher two days in advance so that the teacher has time to check the ingredients.
  • No home-prepared food
  • Students may not give candy or food to other students. All food must be distributed by the teacher. Students may not include candy/food with their Valentines or pass out candy to their friends on Halloween or Valentine's Day or any other day.
  • There will be no impromptu food parties. These events will be calendared and all families in the class will be notified two weeks before the party.
  • The only food allowed for birthday celebrations are the 100% fruit popsicles on the approved food list. Parents who wish to send in a "treat" for their child's birthday are encouraged to provide non-food "treats" such as pencils, erasers, party favors etc. instead of popsicles on birthdays.

  • If there are questions regarding the food policy please ask your child's teacher. The teacher will ask the nurse or health tech for assistance.

San Diego Unified Approved Snack List

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