Discipline Policy

Student Discipline Policy

At Jerabek Elementary, we are committed to providing a high-quality education for our students in a safe, respectful, and positive environment. Each member of our school community plays an important role in supporting our welcoming and inclusive school environment.

The plan employs school-wide strategies to create a safe, supportive, and caring social environment through class meetings, school-wide assemblies, modeling of behaviors, and sharing of learning and leadership. Students, teachers, parents, administrators, support staff, and community members treat one another with respect, dignity and humanity. Our strategies, listed below, enable students to reach high levels of academic achievement in a safe and caring environment.

  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving
  • Cooperative learning
  • Citizenship
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership

School-Wide Expectations

To ensure a safe, positive, rewarding education experience, we will practice our character traits with dignity and respect along with taking the following actions daily:

  • Listening and following directions the first time.
  • Keeping hands, feet, and objects to ourselves.
  • Being respectful, courteous, kind, and thoughtful to all.
  • Using safe conduct at all times.
  • Being ready to learn.
  • Supporting the learning of others.

**These expectations apply on the way to school, at school, and on the way home.

At Jerabek we believe that:

  • All students have the responsibility to learn in a safe and caring environment.
  • All staff have the responsibility to provide a positive learning environment.
  • All parents have the responsibility to collaborate with the students and staff.

The following items are not allowed at school without prior teacher approval:

  • toys
  • trading cards
  • electronic devices*
  • gum
  • skates
  • rollerblades
  • skateboards
  • and scooters

Electronic Devices
Students may possess and use cell phones on the school campus before and after school. These devices must be kept out of sight and turned off during the instructional day.

Jerabek is a restorative community that promotes positive interactions and builds on the collective assets of students, staff, and community members. Our goal is to provide an effective solution-focused approach that
nurtures the skills of children, youth, and adults. Restorative Communities cultivate the overall wellness of all its members by focusing on maximizing student learning within every interaction.

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