Jerabek Library

The Jerabek Library has over 16,500 books for students and teachers to select from. .
Library staff: Miss Ruth, (619) 605-1700

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Art Corps parent volunteers are welcome to check out more than 125 books from our  Art Corps section found in the back office of the library. These books are a wonderful tool for parents to use to prepare for the Art Corps lessons, or actually to use during the lessons as well.
Teachers … check-out the thousands of Guided Reading Books leveled and sorted found in the library Annex Room.  Just sign out what you need for your classroom use.
Each Jerabek class visits the school library once a week. The students check out one book (TK-3rd graders) or two books (4th and 5th graders). In order to get a new book each week, the student must return his old book the day before his class library day. Ask your child what day they visit the library and help them remember to return their book on the day before. Students may also come into the library at recess, lunch, or after school to check out, renew, and return books, or to use our computer databases to research information for a report.

Birthday Book Club
The Birthday Book Club offers a special way to recognize your child's birthday and at the same time benefit the library. Students who contribute to the BBC are invited to select a new library book of their choice from a wide variety of books we have on reserve for this purpose. A commemorative Jerabek bookplate displaying the child's name and birthday will be affixed to the book, which is then presented to the child during his/her library time. Your child will be the first to check out the book, prior to adding it to the library's permanent collection for others to check out. Your child's name will also be displayed on a special bulletin board in the library.  
Your child will receive his/her Birthday Book Club flyer on the month of their birthday. Summer birthday children will receive their BBC information in September when the library opens. If you wish to join the Club, you will fill out the flyer and attach a $20.00 cash or check (payable to Jerabek Library).  . Return the form and money to the library. Your child will select their BBC book at their next class visit to the library.  You are welcome to join the Birthday Book Club at your child's birthday or ANY TIME during the year!  Revenue from the BBC is used to purchase new library-bound books and is the Jerabek Library's main source of income. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Library Volunteers
If you are interested in helping during your child's library time, please speak to your child's teacher or stop by the library to speak to Miss Ruth (M-T-W). We welcome parent volunteers and your child loves having you join in their library experience.
Used Book Sale
Twice each year, the library holds a used book sale. We encourage Jerabek families to donate their old books to this sale which generates income to purchase new, library-bound books. In addition it is a great time to add to your home collection by shopping at this sale. The prices are cheap and the selection is great! Look for this sale in December (the week before winter break) and again in June (just before summer vacation).

Lost Books
If your child loses or damages a library book, the replacement cost is $20.00. Your child will not be able to check out any future books until this fee is paid.

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